Accurate Macronutrients, Maximum Flavour, Delivered.

At UP we give results, not promises, and the new EatUP service is no different: delicious, honest, wholesome food designed to make your life easier. EatUP is the culmination of years of nutritional expertise in getting thousands of UP clients in the best shape of their lives. We know what works, and we know how to get you results when it comes to food.

EatUP Breakfast now available for purchase at both UP HK gyms! Click to find out more

Steak Ratatouille

We know that you are busy, and that sometimes it’s not as simple as waking up earlier to prepare meals, let alone shop for food and wash up. Having to weigh your food out in minute detail, calculate the macronutrients of every single ingredient, and batch prepare it. It’s all just too much hassle.

But if you want the best results, sticking to your diet is the key to seeing your new body in the fastest time possible.

Let EatUP take the stress out of meal preparation, free up your time and take the weight off your shoulders.

1,000 calories daily total
Protein: 100g
Fat: 56g
Carbs: 25g

1,400 calories daily total
Protein: 140g
Fat: 78g
Carbs: 35g

Start Your Day Off Right with EatUP!

Breakfast Served Daily at both UP Central and UP Causeway Bay

You’ve heard us say that a high-protein breakfast is crucial in achieving body transformation goals – so we’re offering it to you from 7:30AM onwards at both UP Central and UP Causeway Bay, every day!*

Whether your goals revolve around fat loss or muscle growth, a high-protein diet is a fundamental habit you need to adopt.

We know you are busy, and we are here to make your healthy eating habits as easy as possible.

Zero effort needed – just EatUP!

What You Can Expect:

  • Varied, calculated portion sizes to suit goals
  • Nutritious meals with quality ingredients prepared fresh, five days a week
  • 45 gourmet meal options to choose from
  • High protein, healthy fat, low carbohydrate macronutrients clearly printed on each meal
  • Delivered daily straight to your door

*Orders to Kowloon & Aberdeen/Wong Chuk Hang will arrive between 8:30-10AM

*Delivery charges to Kowloon apply

*Available every Monday – Saturday (not including public holidays)

*Individual breakfasts are available for purchase over the counter in our UP HK gyms only. For tasty breakfasts delivered to an address of your choice, this is possible with the EatUP Meal Preparation service – minimum order 2 meals a day for 5 days.

View the Menus Below:

EatUP HK week 1 menu


EATUP HK week 2 Menu

EATUP HK Week 3 menu

EatUP Packages:

EatUP Packages


*All prices are subject to change, we offer EatUP on all days except public holidays.

What Our Customers Say

“When I first tried EatUP during my 12 weeks transformation program with UP, I was amazed by how tasty the food was! The chicken has been cooked perfectly, the sauce was tasty and I feel like I could eat this forever without having a crave for other savory treats.

One big thing I learnt about getting results after joining UP is to count macros on a daily basis, so in other words, really knowing how much protein, carb and healthy fat I am having per day to get the best nutrition and results I wanted. EatUP is great because their macros are on point that I do not have to count or spending too much time calculating each portion of my meals separately. As we all heard it before, results are driven by 70% diet and 30% training, I get to experience it myself and now I am a firm believer of how macros can play a huge part in getting the best result.

The whole experience with EatUP is a wonderful surprise since I have been ordering from different food delivery company before and already ended it up with some sort of disappointment at some point. I never have to worry about not receiving my meals on time (earlier in the morning by my doorstep as I requested), and the food was always looking fresh without any spills. I would highly recommend to someone who is not happy with the way they look and looking to transform their body or even current eating habit.”

– Ida

How has EatUP helped towards your fitness and health goals?

“It helps me understand portion control and how many calories I’m eating​, and what macronutrients mean​! The delivery is very dependable. It also takes away any thinking about what to eat. It’s there​, it makes eating properly easy​. ​Plus,​ I know it’s good for me.”

Would you recommend EatUP and why?

I am already an ambassador​! I’ve recommended to friends and my network so they know it’s available. I know many people who are not eating right and not happy with their health and body. BUT, they need to get to that point where they want to do something about their health and body​, just like I did.​

– Stephanie R

How has EatUP helped towards your fitness and health goals?

The amazing food diversity with healthy cooking style provide me the essential energy to train towards my goal and most importantly, saving me from the monotone of food I used to have in the past.

Would you recommend EatUP to friends or colleagues looking to improve their health and body composition?

Yes, I keep persuading my wife to subscribe EatUP.

– Andy

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