Ultimate Performace Amsterdam isn’t just a little bit different from any other gym that you’ll find in Amsterdam – it’s a lot different.

Nestled amongst the Jordaan district, our Amsterdam personal training gym started out life in the year 2012 as Evolve Amsterdam, with the previous owners at the helm of a personal training business that was in their own words:

“Modelled off the inspiration of Ultimate Performance and our admiration for the industry-leading results that Nick Mitchell and his team generate.”

Fast-forward to the end of 2016 and Evolve had ‘evolved’ into an operation that was renowned across the Netherlands for educating and coaching the best personal trainers in Amsterdam. Our respective management teams got together and decided that adding the U.P. culture and internal processes that inform our ‘maximum results in minimum time’ philosophy could take Dutch personal training to the next level, by giving our Amsterdam-based personal trainers the career and education platform that has been a key driver behind U.P. being known as the world’s leading personal trainers.


There has never been a high-quality Amsterdam gym that catered to the serious trainer, to the man or woman who wanted to get something a little extra from their gym sessions and who didn’t take a “little extra” to mean a bank of plasma screens in which to watch MTV whilst they spin their wheels not losing body fat on the exercise bikes.


We have developed a venue where any Olympic athlete could (and many do!) train, but the priority of our mission is always that we have designed everything in order for so-called regular people, not professional athletes, to optimise the efficiency of their exercise and diet programs. After all, our reputation has been built upon helping our clients to achieve results in 6-12 weeks that many never achieve after even years of trying.


Want to know why we think our Amsterdam personal training gym is so special? Let’s look at the list of reasons:

  1. We are a by-appointment-only private gym so you are guaranteed privacy and never have to queue for equipment. Your workouts will never be compromised by hanging around waiting for others. Everything is designed to help you achieve the most efficient workout possible.
  2. We are not a personal training studio. Too often personal training studios are small, cramped spaces devoid of equipment and options. That’s not U.P. Amsterdam – we have everything and more than you could ever need, the U.P. difference is that we are never full of herds of people like busy commercial gyms.
  3. We are not a hardcore gym, but we mean business. Everyone is welcome in our gym, we do not care about your ability. We only care about your attitude. You can be the world’s most unfit person and you will be treated in the same manner as we treat our Olympians.
  4. We are a family. As sentimental as this may sound it is also very true. Our founder Nick Mitchell has created a nurturing environment where everyone pulls for the other, and this holds true of all U.P. gyms throughout the world. Given that we impose a limit on the number of personal trainers who are allowed to use our gym you quickly get to know all the faces and names and be inspired by the hard work and results of others.
  5. We are the best equipped personal training gym in the Netherlands. No other private gym can offer the range and quality of equipment that our clients have at their disposal.

Can we back up our strong claims? Take a look at the Amsterdam website to make up your own mind, and see why U.P. Amsterdam is the real deal.


Nick Mitchell

Global CEO, Ultimate Performance

Nick Mitchell - Founder of Ultimate Performance



Details to be finalised, but all our equipment is custom-made from world-leading exercise and training equipment vendors. We insist on the best to achieve the ultimate results.


Keizersgracht 124-sous 1015 CW
The Netherlands

P: +31 20 223 7511

E: [email protected]

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