Welcome to the world of U.P. Cheshire. This isn’t a world quite like you’re used to.

This is world class personal training in a world-class private gym close to the heart of Alderley Edge.




“I can’t tell you how excited and pleased I am to be writing to you about the opening of U.P. Cheshire.

In June of 2018 we opened the doors of our amazing new Cheshire private gym next to Alderley Day Nursery on Congleton Rd, Macclesfield and bring the unique culture and methodologies that have seen us become the world’s first genuinely international personal training business with our own facilities dotted across the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Australia, and the Middle and Far East.

Reputation is hard won yet easily lost and as a result we have had to work diligently to ensure that what we can give to you is the same in Cheshire as in our other multi-award winning gyms.

We have headhunted some of the best personal trainers, as well as relocating some of our top results producing personal trainers from our other teams to lead our new Cheshire practice and to ensure the standards, the culture, and the transformations we produce continue to set the pace for the entire global personal training industry.

Our Cheshire gym will be truly unique in the area. Just as with all U.P. gyms it will not be a small studio where trainers are climbing on top of one another, atmosphere is hard to come by, and exercise variation limited by the confines of space and lack of equipment. Nor is it a big box commercial gym where numbers are everything and results are, to be frank, none existent.

At U.P. Cheshire, the client’s results rule everything that we do. I know these are grand words that everyone in any service industry should be saying, so perhaps I should stop writing and let you click here to see whats in store at our Cheshire location.”

Nick Mitchell - Founder of Ultimate Performance

Nick Mitchell

Global CEO, Ultimate Performance

For more information on the leading personal trainers in Cheshire, click here.

Our results speak for themselves, and if you think that now is the time to take charge of your health and body composition, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will schedule a time for you to come visit us and see if we are the right fit for you.



  • A full Atlantis lifting rack and platform
  • 2 half-Atlantis lifting racks
  • Watson Pro regular grip dumbbells: 3kg – 20kg (1kg increments), 20kg – 40kg (2kg increments)
  • Watson Pro fat grip dumbbells: 3kg – 26kg (1kg increments)
  • The most comprehensive set of Atlantis strength and Watson gym equipment
  • A full range of Watson speciality lifting bars (trap, farmers, safety, football, cambered, EZ fat/thin grip)
  • Cardio Equipment (skiErg, 2 wattbikes, rowing machine)
  • Functional training equipment (prowler, sleds, Olympic rings)
  • 2 Atlantis cable machines
  • Prime Fitness inner/outer thigh machine



Congleton Road,
Nether Alderley,
SK10 4TD

P: +44 16 2536 0036

E: [email protected]

Visit the official website.

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