This isn’t a world quite like you’re used to.

This is world class personal training in a world class private gym right in the heart of the DIFC.

If you want a spa-like environment then go somewhere else. If you want a rent-a-friend trainer then we are not for you.

We don’t want, need, or even aim for you to like us.

All that we care about is that you listen, that we communicate with each other, and that your work rate matches your goal.

And this is why we’ve been heralded as ‘The World’s Leading Personal Trainers’.

Because we focus on results, not promises.


Nick Mitchell

Global CEO, Ultimate Performance

Nick Mitchell - Founder of Ultimate Performance



Details to be finalised, but all our equipment is custom-made from world leading exercise and training equipment vendors. We insist on the best to achieve the ultimate results.


Emirates Financial Towers,
5. Al Sukook Street
00000 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

P: 04 431 9004

E: [email protected]

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