A few words from our founder, Nick Mitchell

“We have always been very lucky, or worked very hard and well, in that we have received very few complaints from our clients over the years. We are not a business that aims to please all the people all of the time, quite the contrary as we want to inspire strong feelings and know that we have a very specific ‘results-oriented’ audience, so there was only ever one consistent complaint that we have struggled to adequately address. That problem had been our location.

“For our personal training clients who live/work near the City of London, our Liverpool Street based private gym – the largest of its kind in London – was ideal. But we are not a business built on the convenience of our location and a significant number of our clients travelled from West and Central London to work with us, despite the fact that there are literally thousands of personal trainers based on their doorsteps. We know that they appreciated the fact that sacrifices have to be made to access the best, but we also aimed to make it as easy as possible to reach us, and naturally we wanted to continue to grow our business as our ability to achieve results for our clients has directly translated into Ultimate Performance being the most rapidly growing personal training business in the UK.

“From this desire was born U.P. Mayfair, and with it we had the imagination and investment to create the most unique personal training space in central London. Decent gyms in this part of London are rarer than an honest politician in Westminster, and we needed something that could stand as a flagship location and, to be blunt, blow the socks off everybody else.”


Nick Mitchell

Global CEO, Ultimate Performance

Nick Mitchell - Founder of Ultimate Performance



At U.P. Mayfair, you can find…

  • 5,000 square foot gym just off Park Lane, Central London
  • 38 metre sprint track
  • 2 Olympic Lifting Platforms
  • 4 Full Lifting Racks
  • Regular Grip Watson Pro Dumbbells: 4kg-40kg / 4-10kg in 0.5kg increments, 10-20kg in 1kg increments
  • Watson Fat Grip Dumbbells: 5-75kg
  • The Most Comprehensive Set of Atlantis Strength Equipment in Europe
  • Mark 2 Nautilus Pullover
  • A Full Range of Watson Speciality Lifting Bars
  • Cardio Equipment (only used pre or post your personal training session)
  • Far Infra-Red Sauna
  • 2 Therapy Rooms
  • Functional Medicine Clinic


2 Park Street,
London W1K 2XA

P: 0207 118 2066

E: [email protected]

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Nearby Train Stations

  • Bond Street Tube Station 0.31 miles
  • Green Park Tube Station 0.34 miles
  • Hyde Park Corner Tube Station 0.47 miles
  • Marble Arch Tube Station 0.50 miles
  • Oxford Circus Tube Station 0.54 miles

Nearby Areas

  • Westminster W1/SW1
  • Chelsea SW3
  • Bayswater W2
  • West London
  • Central London
  • Marylebone W1
  • Paddington W2
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